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28.08.15 – EBOLA



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Today's topic is Ebola. Get the full story of the planet's most lethal epidemic in our definitive collection of voices from around the world. Lyrrkl flow by Ben Arogundade.

Suspected Ebola sufferer James Dorbor, aged 8, is rushed into a treatment facility by health workers in Monrovia, Liberia, Sept. 5, 2014. Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Redux Pictures.


PETER PIOT, Professor Of Global Health
In early September 1976, Mabalo Lokela, the headmaster of the local school, had died with a high fever, intractable diarrhoea and bleeding. His death sent a shockwave through the small mission community. Soon the hospital was full of patients with a similar illness and nearly all died within a week. This was the beginning of the first known outbreak of Ebola.
Ebola Quote From The 'FT' Magazine, May 02, 2014.


FRIDAY KIYEE, Red Cross Supervisor
We are the Red Cross body management team. Our job is to pick up dead bodies.
Ebola Quote From 'Time' Magazine', Oct. 13, 2014.

ARYN BAKER, Journalist
On Aug. 12 the government announced a national ambulance hotline that Liberians could call to request safe transfer of patients suspected of having Ebola to designated treatment centers. But the hotline was quickly overwhelmed with calls — some 2,000 a day…there were only six government ambulances to answer those calls.
Ebola Quote From 'Time' Magazine', Oct. 13, 2014.


Scientists now believe that bats are the natural reservoir for the virus, and that apes and humans catch it from eating food that bats have drooled or defecated on, or by coming in contact with surfaces covered in infected bat droppings and then touching their eyes or mouths.
Ebola Quote From 'The New York Times', Nov. 21, 2014.

TOM FRIEDEN, Director, US Center For Disease Control
For the healthcare workers who are caring for people with Ebola, we want them to be scared…We want to channel that fear into being incredibly meticulous about infection control.
Ebola Quote From The Center For Disease Control CDC, Oct. 05, 2014.


MARGARET CHAN, Director General, World Health Organisation (WHO)
Ebola is important, but there are other important issues, like tobacco control.
Ebola Quote From Convention On Tobacco Control, Oct. 2014.

LT. MARTIN TEJAN, Sierra Leone Army
Some people try and hide their sickness…some are trying to escape the city to go to their families to use traditional healers instead of going to medical centres here.
Ebola Quote From BBC World, Nov. 23, 2014.


Burial workers in the Sierra Leonean city of Kenema have dumped bodies in public in protest at non-payment of allowances for handling Ebola victims. The workers, who went on strike over the issue, left 15 bodies abandoned at the city's main hospital.
Ebola Quote From BBC News Africa, Nov. 25, 2014.


In Liberia, where the disease is hottest, corpse-disposal teams are reportedly accepting bribes to permit families to bury their dead in traditional ceremonies — a common route of transmission for the epidemic.
Ebola Quote From 'Time' Magazine', Oct. 17, 2014.

MICHAEL T. OSTERHOLM, Director, Center For Infectious Disease Research
The second possibility is one that virologists are loath to discuss openly but are definitely considering in private: that an Ebola virus could mutate to become transmissible through the air.
Ebola Quote From The New York Times, Sept. 11, 2014.


MARIATU KAGBO, Red Cross Volunteer, Burial Team
They're mocking me. They call me names. Sometimes they attack.
Ebola Quote From BBC News Africa, Nov. 05, 2014.


It seems a natural step to think about if and where robots could help in a medical crisis like the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Ebola Quote From BBC Click TV, Nov. 07, 2014.


World Health Organisation (WHO)
Abstain from sex if you start feeling ill.
Ebola Quote From The 'W.H.O.'


I don’t want Sierra Leone just to be Ebola in my mind for ever, because it’s such a beautiful place and such nice people. I’d like to just get out there and see it. But that’s a long, long way away.
Ebola Quote From 'The Guardian', Nov. 11, 2014.



PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS, Author And Journalist
It [Ebola] can spread like flu. Previous denials of this fact helped to create the suspicion that the new Ebola strain is a weaponized bio-warfare strain created by US government labs in West Africa…Did the new Ebola strain escape, perhaps via some lab mishap that infected lab workers, or was the strain deliberately released in order to test if it works?
Ebola Quote From, Oct. 29, 2014.