Write Less, Say More



LYRRX is a new content aggregator. We collect and curate the best quotes and phrases from well-known figures past and present — from Confucius to Rihanna, from Aristotle to Obama.

Each feed we create has a different theme. We upload them weekly, and they will eventually form a massive, free archive of knowledge, insight, intelligence, beauty, humour and inspirational wisdom.

Our feeds are not compiled haphazardly, but are skilfully and painstakingly curated. We have invented a term and a culture to describe the creative craft of selecting, editing and sequencing the quotes for each unique feed — we call them lyrrkl flows. A person highly skilled in the composition of lyrrkl flows is called a lyrrkl master. Like the literary equivalent of a club DJ or rap MC, lyrrkl masters stitch and juxtapose different word segments together to form a new 'song' — a freshly choreographed sequence that brings words from the past back to life within a new, contemporary context.

Of all the quotes we scrutinise, we only publish the best of what each personality has to say. Each snippet is small, but big on meaning. The mantra we live and work by is, write less, say more.

Lyrrx was created by London-based writer and entrepreneur Ben Arogundade. Born in London in 1965, Arogundade is one of eight children of Nigerian parents who emigrated to the capital in 1961. Ben originally trained as an architect, but later diversified into publishing, where he edited, designed and launched Extract, a cult style magazine about the lives of non-celebrities. Following this he worked as a freelance graphic designer and journalist before becoming an author.

Arogundade's first book, Black Beauty, was released in 2000 to wide acclaim, and became the subject of a three-part BBC documentary. In 2004 he was appointed creative director of start-up luxury publisher, Gloria. During his five-year tenure he created four groundbreaking limited editions — Pelé, Superyacht, Scarfe on the Wall and New York.

In 2010 Ben formed his own publishing imprint, Arogundade Books.
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